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Soulful and colourful photography for your wedding day or business branding

It all starts with a great story

Wedding and branding photography with a candid and editorial approach, based in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada


You deserve to remember real moments, not being posed. I prioritize documentary photography and try to pose you as little as possible during the day. I will be there and make sure the most important parts are captured for you. The best photos will come when you’re experiencing real emotion and getting the most out of your day.


Branding for entrepreneurs

Your business will benefit so much from having photography that truly represents you and your brand values, so that you can really connect with your clients. I want to plan your branding session with you so we can make sure to get you the best content possible for your social media and website.


Hi! I'm Valerie

I am a mother of two and full time dreamer who has always loved visual images - one reason I have a degree in Art History.

I want you to have fun when taking your photos. During our photo session, I will do my best to make you comfortable so we capture beautiful, natural photographs that will be meaningful to you.

My style is bright, vibrant, and soulful. I'm not afraid of depth and warm tones and I do my best to capture that special "vibe," the feeling and experience of your wedding day.

Let's get in touch and chat about your photo session.