I'm Valerie (Val)

AKA, "The Person Behind The Lens"

I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer with a love for natural light. I have always had an interest in art and the visual world; I have a degree in Art History from Carleton University.

I believe that getting your photos taken should be easy and fun, so I strive to create that experience in my photo sessions.

One of my favourite parts of being a photographer is getting to meet and get to know interesting people. For me, portrait photography is the art of discovering a person, observing and finding those features that make them so unique and special. On the other side of that process, editing photos is something that I really enjoy that takes an eye for colour and composition.

Some facts about me

I once...

I have a degree

travelled Europe solo for four months

in Art History

Nothing makes me happier than

I believe that

my two daughters

if you work hard, you can achieve great things

In my day job I'm

I was born in

the North West Territories

an editor and writer

One time I...

My favourite hobbies are

Reading, playing computer games, and yoga

climbed Mount Pilatus in Switzerland with a group of surgeons (like in Grey's Anatomy!)

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